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2017 Ramadan Feeding Program

UPDATE – 11 June 2017 – Our Program has now sold out.

Our Ramadan 2017 Feeding Program begins very soon. Famine and drought have hit East Africa again. Food prices have doubled for some basic foodstuffs and millions in Kenya are facing food insecurity.

Just 65p provides a meal for each person.

The program will provide a nutritious meal to locals living around the catchment of our DWW Muallafa medical centre near Malindi, Kenya.

In the last 2 years we have provided nearly 45,000 meals to the poor, elderly and especially women. Each evening, people gather around our clinic site and are served a hot meal to break their fast. It is also gives us an opportunity to communicate basic public health messages and strengthen links with the communities we serve.

Be quick to donate! Once we have reached our target we won’t be able to accept further donations.

Please click on the donate button in the menu above and follow the instructions.

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