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Assessment of Clinics in Mangochi, Malawi & Identifying Needs

In Feb 2018, Doctors Worldwide UK carried out an assessment of our local Malawi partners (Madinah Social Services) health clinics in Mangochi. The purpose of this assessment was to identify any critical gaps in care and think about how we as Doctors Worldwide UK can address these gaps to improve patient safety and have a positive effect on the health of the local population.

We visited three clinics in the Southern District of Mangochi. Each clinic had one Clinical Officer who would attend on average 200 patients daily – seeing each patient for an average of one minute only. Most of these patients would travel up to 4 hours on foot to access the clinics and often waiting hours before being seen.

Following our assessment we have developed a project that will begin in May 2018 called “Health System Strengthening”. DWW will be easing the burden of an acute shortage of health workers by hiring more staff and training existing staff. We will also introduce a much-needed maternity service as well as support the building and furnishing of medical equipment of a new clinic in Katema.

Madinah Social Services also has two clinics in Blantyre which are known as the urban clinics. Unlike their rural counterparts in Mangochi, these clinics are not free. Doctors Worldwide UK will be subsidizing user fees and treatment costs for the most vulnerable patients in these clinics so they are not prevented from receiving treatment they could not otherwise afford.

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