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Cohort C Begins in Bangladesh

Today, Doctors Worldwide officially began its Post Graduate Fellowship in Refugee and Migrant Health (PGF) 13-week capacity building training for Bangladeshi doctors in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, under the invitation and support of the United Nations International Organisation for Migration Bangladesh (IOM Bangladesh). Like Doctors Worldwide, the IOM Bangladesh has a global reputation for capacity building having done similar types of work and we are grateful for their support. To learn more about our Fellowship, click here.

Doctors Worldwide has begun training 30 Bangladeshi doctors (Cohort C)  to help improve clinical practice and patient care by Bangladeshi doctors responding to the Rohingya crisis. The aim of this training will be to strengthen the existing healthcare systems in place through the provision of technical advice, training and mentoring, as well as addressing the shortage of suitably qualified medical personnel due to the increased demand as a result of the crisis.

To date, Doctors Worldwide has already trained 48 doctors with another 60 enrolled and ready to be trained. An Evaluation of Cohorts A & B showed that in the face of large patient loads, the majority of participants (Bangladeshi Doctors trained) reported increased confidence in obtaining patient’s medical histories and an improved ability to identify and diagnose complex medical problems. You can read more about the impact of the Cohort’s here.

It’s been fantastic to meet the new Cohort, and we look forward to the next 13 weeks of weekly training sessions and clinical shadowing to improve the quality of healthcare for the Rohingya people and the Bangladeshi host community.

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