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Cohort D begins in Bangladesh

Doctors Worldwide has officially begun the 4th Cohort of our Post-Graduate Fellowship in Migrant and Refugee health in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, with the support of  the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). If you’d like to learn more about our PGF and what it entails, you can read more information here. 

Over the next 13 weeks, our Cohort of 30 Bangladeshi Doctors who work in the Cox’s Bazar area will work alongside our expert medical faculty, who will be delivering two teaching sessions per week and providing them with clinical shadowing. The course has been developed by over 50 clinicians and humanitarian professionals around the world, and covers 7 modules including mental health, infectious diseases, palliative care,  and acute care management. 

Members of Cohort D are already hard at work!

To date, Doctors Worldwide has trained  71 Doctors, and Cohort D is the final cohort scheduled to be trained in Bangladesh. The success of the PGF in Bangladesh has encouraged us to begin making plans to expand our fellowship to new regions and countries.

If you believe that your organisation or country could benefit from the training and education provided by Doctors Worldwide, please don’t hesitate to get in touch be emailing

To find out more or how to get involved, visit our opportunities page. Click here to find out about our recent evaluation of Cohort C.

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