Doctors Worldwide



Over the years Doctors Worldwide has developed a unique expertise in health care development through its specialist approach, skilled volunteers as well as local partnerships. We have designed and run a range of health projects that deliver on impact and value, whether it be in reducing the death rate of mothers and babies at a community level, improving healthcare services in rural clinics, or responding to disasters and crises. We offer our services in a collaborative way, often initially in the form of pro-bono technical advice and guidance upon reviewing proposals from a range of other organisations. We have also supported project design and development by deploying out with client charities and organisations to better assess and understand specific health components, challenges and deliverables. In addition, we have supported other agencies through coaching and mentoring in order to strengthen their capacity to deliver on intended outcomes. Get in touch with us for an informal chat to see how we can help your health projects offer more meaningful impact and value to the communities we wish to serve.