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Continued Health System Strengthening in Malawi

Our Health System Strengthening project in Malawi has undergone a recent deployment from Doctors Worldwide, where we delivered training and assessed our current and future support to further improve the quality of healthcare available to communities in rural Malawi.

This involved assessing remote rural clinics for rehabilitation, all of which serve over 10,000  local people per month, despite only having one or two healthcare professionals available. 

We also delivered training on HIV and anti-microbial management, as well as Malaria and Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

As part of our ongoing activities, we established a whatsapp group between clinical officers, nurses and midwives to gain guidance, advice and support on clinical cases from Medical Doctors within Doctors Worldwide. 

This has proven a valuable platform for information exchange and learning, benefiting over 30 staff from Malawi, especially when there are only 19 Doctors per 1 million people, compared to the UK which has over 2,500 per million, and access to Doctors is limited to hospitals and unavailable at the Primary Care level. 

Doctors Worldwide has also provided additional clinical officers, nurses and midwives from the local community to begin addressing the huge human resource gap that exists in Malawi today.

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