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Doctors Worldwide launches Gaza medical aid appeal

We are raising funds to provide desperate Gazan’s who can no longer access medications and baby feeds for long term medical conditions.

War and conflict doesn’t just cause visible injuries. There are tens of thousands of Gazan’s with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other conditions that need regular medication;  infants and babies need special feeds and nutrition.  They become the hidden face of the conflict. They are the ones who could end up dying months and weeks later after the bombs have stopped. No one will notice the casualties except their families but we have noticed them.

Primary healthcare facilities are damaged and overwhelmed. Gaza is akin to an open air prison. Getting supplies in is very difficult as the Egyptian border is closed with Gaza. Everyone is suffering.

We have been working in Palestine on and off since 2006 and understand the challenges. After carefully assessing what we can achieve as a Charity we have decided to launch an appeal to our friends and supporters.

Our focus is to support the devastated communities located in Gaza City in the vicinity of our local partner – Hayfa Medical Centre.  Hayfa is a local charity running a comprehensive Primary care centre with a dedicated medical team providing a range of primary healthcare and outpatient services.

We need your support and donations to help provide:

– Medications for those with long term & chronic illnesses such diabetes and CVD
– Infant and baby feeds for the sick and malnourished

DWW is committed to transparency & accountability to its supporters and donors. It is important to understand that lots of Charities are fundraising but the great difficulty is getting supplies into Gaza as border crossings are closed. We aim to spend your funds as quickly as possible using private sector supplies already in Gaza and are also working collaboratively to secure access of supplies through the border and the West Bank. We will keep you updated on developments.

A donation of £20 will help provide enough baby feed for an infant for a month. Please support us and donate.

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