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Doctors Worldwide presents at the ACEM in New Delhi

This month, Doctors Worldwide was represented  at the Asian Conference on Emergency Medicine (ACEM) in New Delhi where our Training Programme Director, Dr Mir Ahmad spoke about our work.

The ACEM exists to promote the science and art that goes into emergency medicine in Asia. It encourages the study, promotion, research and engagement in discussion in all areas of emergency medicine. 

The ACEM also aims to assist in the training and establishment of guidelines for emergency medical care. 

Dr. Mir spoke about developing emergency medicine in Bangladesh, namely through the application of the Doctors Worldwide Postgraduate Fellowship in Migrant and Refugee Health. 

This project has benefitted an estimated 980,500 patients consultations within Rohingya camps and host communities already, and will be coming to a close in December 2019. 

Dr. Mir was also chair for a discussion led by Manchester based Simon Carly. Simon was speaking about the importance and utility of Social Media within emergency medicine. 

Finally, Dr. Mir also had the pleasure of discussing circulatory death organ donation, and his experience with organ donation whilst working for the Barking, Haverford and Redbridge University Hospital NHS trust. 

You can read more about the annual Asian Conference on Emergency here, and learn more about our Postgraduate Fellowship in Bangladesh here.

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