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Doctors Worldwide Presents at the Health Sector Symposium in Bangladesh

This June, Doctors Worldwide was proud to present the Post Graduate Fellowship (PGF) in Refugee and Migrant Health, and their role in strengthening the local human resource capacity in response to the Rohingya crisis. 

The Symposium was hosted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Health Sector: Cox’s Bazar, and aimed to bring together health sector organisations responding to the crisis in order to share their research and response methods. 

Data was shared and questions were asked via plenary discussion, and each partner was requested to share their best practices and novel interventions from the field from the past 19 months of response to the Rohingya refugee crisis. 

These included studies on diphtheria, jaundice and cholera, presented by the WHO, alongside calls for increased optometric treatment and sexual and reproductive health services for the refugees as a result of assessment by humanitarian organisations. 

Doctors Worldwide was one of 17 presenters chosen from 38 applications, presenting to over 50 members of the RRRC, DGHS-PMR and a selection of health sector partners. The PGF programme was unique in its kind to present on the long term investment in training the local human resources capacity, and was well received by members of the audience. To our knowledge, the programme is the longest and most comprehensive training offered to medical doctors in the Rohingya camps since 2017 to date. 

You can read more about the impact of our previous PGF deployment here. If you’re interested in being involved with future deployments, please apply through our get involved page. 

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