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Dr Rahman speaks at the PalMED Youth Conference

On Saturday 22nd February 2020, Dr Najeeb Rahman presented the workshop, ‘So you want to be an Aid worker?’ to a group of approximately 75 attendees during the recent PalMED Healthcare Conference 2020 in Manchester.  The conference focused on medical aid and healthcare for Palestinians and was attended by medical students, healthcare specialists and others. 

Dr Rahman’s presentation focused on the standards, practices and experiences in Humanitarian Medical Responses and he drew on his experiences as not only a Board member of Doctors Worldwide but also as a volunteer deployed out in the field including  the 2004 Tsunami in 2004 and the Haiti earthquake in 2010. 

One of the important things to reflect upon is that getting involved in humanitarian work should not be seen as something just to be done as a reaction or to appease one’s own charitable and altruistic considerations. It is a professional discipline in it’s own right, and as such, requires knowledge, skills and training as well as time commitment, investment and partnerships with local communities in order to sustainably improve the way in which we deliver humanitarian assistance.

Dr Rahman said:

He presented on: 

  • Humanitarian response background and contexts
  • Reviewed key standards and coordination systems
  • Promoted elements of humanitarian practice and implications for professional development. 
  • Standards and Codes of Conduct are of critical importance
  • Knowledge and training essential for skill development
  • Humanitarian Medicine is an evolving inter-specialty discipline

The workshop and event itself were received positively and garnered interest in the work that we do, you can read about our current projects here

Save a Life. Change a Life.

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