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Dr. Tarin – The Only Female Doctor in Nowshera, Pakistan


Dr Hasiba Tarin is the reason why so many women travel from miles to attend the clinic as she is the only female doctor in the district of Nowshera and takes care of the health of thousands of women. She says the women prefer to see her as they feel at ease discussing their medical problems with a woman.

Sitting behind her small desk surrounded by women and children, she describes how the floodwater had totally submerged the hospital, people found boats and tried to rescue villagers, the boats were floating above the hospital. She says many women and children died in the floods, nobody knows how many.

Dr Tarin came to the hospital 15 days after the flood and along with hospital staff, worked day and night to clear the mud and debris from the building. Doctors Worldwide took over the building, cleaned it up, stocked it with medication and employed the doctors and health staff to treat flood survivors.

Seeing patient after patient, often the women crowd around Dr. Tarin, carrying their children so a sea of faces surrounds her. One of her greatest concerns is the many pregnant women who come to see her. Most are underweight and stressed.

‘’Around 40% of pregnant women give birth prematurely, most give birth at least one or two months prematurely. I have seen many cases of women miscarrying and a high number of women giving birth to stillborn babies since the floods. After the floods I was administering at least 40 IV fluid drips a day to expectant mothers, ’’

describes Dr Tarin.

‘’Women are suffering from high blood pressure, they are shocked and still coming to terms with the aftermath of the flooding. In the days after the flood, patients reached the hospital with broken bones and open wounds. I honestly believe that more people would  have died if Doctors Worldwide hadn’t set this clinic up here. I urge my patients to stop lifting heavy things and to not assist in the rebuilding of their homes. I see women every day suffering from internal bleeding and giving birth to underweight babies. I’ve lost count of how many women are in this state. ’’

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