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DWW launches the second round of training to our Cohort B participants in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

We are excited to announce the return of our Postgraduate Fellowship (PGF) for Cohort B from November 2018 – March 2019. The Cohort B PGF training programme involves 108 hours of classroom sessions and 288 hours of clinical shadowing over a 14-week period. We have recruited a mixed (gender, ethnic, religious, age & experience) cohort of 24 Bangladeshi doctors representing 12 different local, international, and governmental organisations.

Our teaching incorporates a wide range of methodologies including: eLearning, didactic lectures, group discussions, case-based scenarios, simulated exercises with props, real case discussions and reflections, and clinical supervision.

The PGF is centered around the delivery of 7 independent modules:

  • Health in Humanitarian Emergencies
  • Triage and Acute Care Management ( with ETAT)
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Non-communicable diseases & palliative care
  • Mental health in humanitarian emergencies (with WHO’s mhGAP)
  • Sexual and reproductive health, family planning, and gender based violence (with MISP)
  • Clinical assessment, professional practice and communication skills

The long-term impact of the PGF includes better healthcare outcomes in Bangladesh for both the local host and refugee/migrant population, as doctors will be better equipped to meet their health needs now and in the future. As these doctors work alongside their peers, and as they progress into leadership roles, the benefits of this training will also be passed on to their colleagues as well as the wider health settings within which they practice and operate.

What will the participants achieve?

As similar to Cohort A, all participants upon successful completion received the following certificates and records of completion:

  • Doctors Worldwide Postgraduate Fellowship (PGF) in Migrant and Refugee Health Certificate
  • Basic Life Support Certification (DWW)
  • Emergency, Triage, Assessment and Treatment (ETAT) (WHO)
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM): Health in Humanitarian Crises  e-learning course
  • Minimum Initial Service Package (MISP): Inter-Agency Working Group

Who made this happen?

Our staff could not have completed this initiative without our dedicated and hardworking DWW volunteers. More than 30 content developers including NHS doctors, public health practitioners, and clinical fellows with a wide range of experiences assisted to create and improve the 7 modules listed above. Additionally, our staff and volunteers participated in a comprehensive evaluation workshop to improve our modules and project logistics for future cohorts. See details of this event here.

Between Nov 2018 – March 2019, we will be deploying DWW UK and international volunteer medics with strong experience in medical teaching, specialised medicine, and refugee and migrant health. They will play a strong role in our PGF instruction and clinical shadowing. Our clinical shadowing techniques such as comprehensive advice, guidance, and reflective practice have been shown to add the greatest value to our participants, going beyond just an oral consultation with patients.

Get in touch
If you would like to get involved in the PGF, or you would like the PGF to come to your country, please email us at


Thank you to our dedicated group of volunteers and advocates who continue to make this Fellowship successful, including content developers and deployed medics.

An immense thank you to IOM Bangladesh for their ongoing logistical support for DWW throughout the PGF since July 2018.

Thank you to the Health Coordination Sector, WHO, and the Government of Bangladesh, for promoting our PGF course and enrolling their doctors into the PGF.

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