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Emergency response to Glacial Lake Outburst Floods in Pakistan

In the remote region of Chitral, Pakistan, a mountainous and hard to navigate valley is at the mercy of nine glacial lakes, two of which have a history of afflicting the region with damage and loss of life throughout its history.

The terrain in Chitral, a sparse and rocky region in the mountains. 

This September 2019, the valleys were struck again when the Golain glacial lake burst its banks and proceeded to unleash a devastating flood and mudflow on the valley. The area is home to a population of 3,315, a largely agricultural community who survive on an average household income of £107 (20,000PKR) a month.

One of the damaged homes

OThere are 8 villages in the region, and the floods had a devastating effect on infrastructure, damaging 3 of Pakistan’s power stations, and washing away bridges, roads, irrigation channels, crops and livestock. More than 4,000 people in the region had been directly affected, with another estimated 98,000 affected by damage to water and irrigation structures in the area. Four of the major bridges in the region had been swept away on the Golain valley roads, leaving communities isolated.

Members of the local community receive DWW vouchers to redeem for the food distribution programme

MDoctors Worldwide responded to the devastation in the area, putting together food and hygiene packs and navigating the difficult terrain in order to reach the remote communities affected by the disaster. Alongside this, vouchers were distributed to local community members in remote areas to redeem towards the vital emergency response kits of food, water and blankets provided by humanitarian organisations. 

Trucks loaded with goods such as flour, rice, oil and sugar navigating the roads of the Golain Valley

TOverall, Doctors Worldwide was able to provide aid to over 900 people, delivering dry food packs, basic hygiene kits, water and blankets. 

Without your donations, we would not be able to provide aid like this to communities struck by disaster. Please donate today.

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