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HappyKIDS – Marsden Weighing Systems “weighs” in with DWW

Doctors Worldwide and Marsden Weighing Group are delighted to announce a partnership to help support efforts to tackle undernutrition amongst vulnerable children.

Undernutrition leads to the deaths of around 3 million children a year, mainly in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Doctors Worldwide (DWW) Chief Executive, Khalil Rehman visited Kenya in April and helped with the set up of a growth monitoring project as part of DWW’s HappyKIDS Program . Khalil said that “Utilising accurate instrumentation that can work in tough and difficult conditions is critical to our work, and Marsden’s high tech and digital expertise in portable weighing equipment has proved to be invaluable.”

“Marsden donated a package of equipment to Doctors Worldwide, and soon afterwards it was taking a bumpy 120 kilometer drive from Mombasa to a rural village of 2,000 people near Malindi. Around 200 excited and nervous children were waiting…”.

“We are at Kakuyuni at DWW Mualafatul Kulub, one of our primary healthcare sites. Batteries are popped in. The unit is placed on the floor and bleeps into digital life. Our local staff who have been long resigned to using cheap mechanical and inaccurate scales are staring wide-eyed at the simplicity of what lies ahead; just pop the kids on the scales one by one, and with complete confidence read off the display.”

Marsden are committed to providing more equipment, and long-term partnership across DWW programs of maternal, child, and primary health care provision.

Khalil comments “We are absolutely delighted and grateful for the support given to us by Richard and Marsden’s wonderful staff. Without it, we would have struggled with basic and accurate data gathering and can now focus on what’s important – taking care of the children.”

Richard Black, Managing Director of Marsden, is clearly delighted to be working with the charity. “We are excited to be working with Khalil and his fantastic charity. The concept and delivery of the charity is first class. There is a massive enthusiasm and commitment on the part of Khalil and his team to delivering a highly efficient medical service to some of the World’s most vulnerable and poor people. If Marsden can help in a small way to make life a little easier for DWW and those providing the service then we are humbled and delighted to do so. Our support to DWW is long term and we hope that all those who use our scales will benefit from an improved level of care. We are grateful to Khalil and DWW for asking us to participate in this project”.

For more information on Marsden, please visit their website at

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