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Indonesian Earthquake

Following the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami on 28th September an emergency medical team from IMARET was deployed and has been working in conjunction with the Indonesian Red Crescent to provide emergency medical care to the survivors. An initial clinic base was set in Palu, with additional medical assessment teams treating the displaced survivors. A second medical team from Malaysia was deployed on the 8th October.

Your donations will help support the IMARET teams expand their capacity to undertake the following priorities:

1. Continued assessment and treatment of patients in the temporary evacuation centres for survivors of the earthquake.

2. To help refurbish the Madani hospital including manpower support and medicines.

3. A field hospital in Sigi will need manpower support and medicines.

4. Basic hygiene kit provision and distribution for the displaced.

5. Mental health and psychological support for families living in the evacuation centres.

6. Provision of safe water supplies.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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