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Malaysian Field Hospital Hosts Doctors Worldwide PGF

The Malaysian Field Hospital (MFH) have been operating in Cox’s Bazar under Operation Starlight 3. They have been hard at work providing quality and specialised healthcare to Rohingya refugees at no expense to the patients who need access to health facilities. The field hospital is run by the Malaysian Army, and is the only facility in the area able to offer laparoscopic surgery. 

Our PGF Cohort C had the privilege of visiting MFH and practice their skills. Here they gained a first hand experience in specialised healthcare in a crisis setting and witnessed expert medical practices by their staff. 

With the support of IOM Bangladesh, this opportunity is healthcare collaboration in action in response to the crisis suffered by the Rohingya people. 

The visit went very well by all accounts, with our PGF receiving a warm and friendly welcome from all of the staff. They were given the opportunity to see ODP Consultations, surgeries, A&E patients and inpatients, as well as the laboratory and x-ray facility. The PGF participants were shown around wards and introduced to some interesting patients, including one who was post-debridement for necrotizing fasciitis.  

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to MFH, and we look forward to working with them throughout the PGF!

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