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The DWW team is made up of a diverse range of people working hard to serve communities in need around the world. Our team ranges from the board of trustees, executive team, overseas staff, volunteers and supporters.

Monowara Gani

Chief Executive

Dr Bushera Choudhry


Dr Saddaf Alam


Dr Ibrar Majid


Dr Najeeb Rahman


Dr Shazaad Ahmad


Georgia Venner

Project Manager

Fatimah Wobi

Project Manager

Dr Mir Ahmad

Training Programme Director

Imogen Ing-Simmons

Project Support Officer & PA

Sayeed Ahmed

Field Coordinator

Hawwa Alam

Communications Officer

Yahya Alam

Chief Technical Officer

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Digital Marketing and Communications Support Officer

Kamrul Islam

Video Editor
Monowara Gani

Monowara Gani

Chief Executive

Monowara is the Chief Executive of Doctors Worldwide. Prior to joining Doctors Worldwide, Monowara held numerous senior executive roles leading not-for-profit organisations within the humanitarian sector including development education, campaigning and advocacy, and a consortium of large and medium iNGOs. She has produced a variety of award-winning resources and training courses on development and change, and has been working in the NGO sector for more than 17 years. Monowara has experience in leading and designing development projects and advocated long-term resilience responses in disaster management, localisation and healthcare with multilateral stakeholders and governments around the world.

Monowara is a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach specialising in performance and personal development and organisational effectiveness, and she has designed and delivered coaching seminars and 1-2-1s to more than 10,000 adults to date. She has a degree in Microbiology from the University of Nottingham.

Inspired by faith and humanity, the principles that drive me and which I dedicate my life to, are justice, equality and compassion. In a time where hearts continue to be divided and resources amassed by a few, now more than ever do we all have a responsibility to play our part in ensuring a just and fair world for everyone. Doctors Worldwide is a platform to do just that; to be part of a change or movement towards a world that is equal in all respects - health, wealth, and opportunities. I am humbled and honoured to be at the helm of an organisation that is driven by integrity, excellence and collaboration; values which are at the foundation of a flourishing world that unites hearts, ensures equality, and presents the very best of perfected human character.

One of the reasons why I love working at Doctors Worldwide is because I have an opportunity to contribute towards making the world a better place. The other reason is the inspiring people that surround me at Doctors Worldwide - they are all genuine individuals who are incredibly kind, and have a shared solidarity in helping people with humbleness and service. The diversity in the organisation is also inspiring - people from all walks of life working together representing a global community. It is a big responsibility and privilege to be part of an organisation like Doctors Worldwide, and every day is a reminder that we all have a duty to work towards a fair and just world for everyone.