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Postgraduate Fellowship Training on Emergency Medicine in Refugee & Migrant Settings

While there has been a growing recognition for international health workers to be better trained in responding to humanitarian emergencies, few have focused on the local need to strengthen medical education in a migrant and refugee camp setting in low-middle income countries. In December 2017 in consideration of this, Doctors Worldwide UK started the process of developing and implementing a Postgraduate Fellowship (PGF) Programme centred on the delivery of 7 independent modules to be delivered to local healthcare workers in the migrant and refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. To assess the feasibility, applicability, test project assumptions and risks to the Rohingya context, a 3-week pilot project was carried out in February and March 2018. 21 UK and international volunteer physicians, healthcare workers, and researchers with expertise relevant to assigned module prepared the content of the pilot. The PGF deployed 9 medical faculty volunteers and delivered 3 weeks of training to 21 participants. Overall, this pilot confirmed the feasibility and practicality for the PGF Programme to provide essential healthcare concepts and practices to improve patient care and treatment. Going forward our evaluation report confirmed the need for our full PGF Programme. This will start in July, 2018. Please contact if you would like more information and to involve yourself in content development.

Comments from health care attendees in Bangladesh during the pilot:

“Teaching style is fabulous. Very informative and useful. Really like the style of teaching”

“No other agencies are giving this kind of audio visual training workshop”


One of the Doctors Worldwide UK volunteers [Dr Owais] supporting and helping local doctors in the camps whilst assessing patients and providing care during the pilot programme of the PGF

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