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HappyKIDS – Disabled Children


There are millions of disabled people in developing countries. The World Health Organisation estimates some 5% of Kenya’s population is disabled. Many of these are children whose life chances are restricted in every field.  Often discriminated against, disabled children are abused, neglected and suffer not just from poor health but compassion and lack of understanding in the communities they live in.  At Doctors Worldwide, we providd training for care workers and parents and much needed healthcare services to this vulnerable group.

Disabled children in Kenya and in other developing countries suffer greatly. Lack of resources, training and poverty leave many disabled children and their carers in great difficulty. Many children suffer long term chronic conditions with multiple disabilities.

At Doctors Worldwide we started a project supporting disabled children as part of our HappyKids Program. Our work was based in Mombasa and the Coast province of Kenya. In collaboration with Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Kenya, our joint staff supported a total of 66 disabled children of all ages including 10 families in rural areas.

We provided rehabilitative therapies and free healthcare to the children with educational support and learning undertaken by the Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Extra physiotherapy and occupational therapy care allowed children to walk independently who had never been able to before. It allowed reduction of pain from contracted tendons, but importantly also gave greater confidence and empowerment to both the children and their families through support and training.