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HappyKIDS Program – Orphan’s Healthcare

Orphans are the poorest of the poor. In Sub-Saharan Africa many of these are children have lost parents because of of AIDS/HIV or ill health. Many are abandoned as a result of poverty and abuse. Lots of them end up in institutionalised orphanages. Some of these are unscrupulous set ups trying to secure money and aid; others lack the care and counselling skills to support traumatised children. Many orphanages have a poor understanding of child health or lack funding to take sick children to a doctor.   At Doctors Worldwide, we provided support care workers  and provided much needed healthcare services to this vulnerable group.

HappyKIDS – Orphan Healthcare Support Project

Working in Mombasa and the Coast area we jointly supported the creation of a consortium of charities and local organisations to co-ordinate and support the care delivered by these  independent orphanages.

We also delivered free healthcare services to 8 orphanages with almost 900 children. This included regular health screening and treatment of any new or long term conditions.

HappyKIDS – Nutrition

Many children in Kenya from poorer backgrounds suffer from poor nutrition. The effects are many fold  leaving children more vulnerable to disease but also adversely affecting their education, both of which locks these children in a poverty cycle which becomes harder to escape. Your support from 2012 to 2017 provided additional daily nutrition for up to 900 orphans and school children from these challenging backgrounds.