Doctors Worldwide

Hewa Bora Hospital


In 2006, Doctors Worldwide helped build a small hospital with a Maternity and Peadiatric Unit to provide health care for women and children in the area of Hewa Bora in Lubumbashi which is on the outskirts of the city. The city of Lubumbashi is the second largest in DR Congo, with a population of around 1.5 Million. The area of Hewa Bora is home to some of the poorest families in the city, most live in one or two bedroom shacks and have no electricity of water supplies. Lubumbashi is located in the Katanga Province of DR Congo which covers some 500,000 sq km.

With a need to cope with rapidly increasing demand and provide a greater range of medical and health services, DWW embarked on an ambitious plan in 2011, to build the most modern facility in the entire province. The new hospital was built on the existing site and covered 2,600 sq m of space. It has a 40 bed in patient facility and state of the art of surgical and diagnostic units. The new hospital will act as a referral centre and operational hub servicing our rural clinics.

The hospital completed in April 2014.