Doctors Worldwide

Gaza Medical Aid Support Program


July 2003 saw Doctors Worldwides first project in Palestine. A 10 day trip was organised with Specialists from the University of Missouri coupled with a UK Psychiatrist coming together to run a series of seminars and workshops across the West Bank. These training seminars focused on teaching medical workers  and counsellors in practical ways of recognising and treating mental health conditions, in particular acute stress and PTSD using proven therapies pioneered by the Missouri team from their work in the Balkans.

The 2009 conflict led to prolonged destruction of infrastructure within the Gaza strip, with many fatalities and injuries stretching to breakpoint the already crippled medical system. Doctors Worldwide helped purchase and ship ambulances to replace those damaged and through the Doctors Worldwide Turkey branch 43 tonnes of medical supplies and equipment were transported into Gaza. Following the cessation of hostilities a nine member team was granted access completing a needs assessment and helping undertake a number of operations. A new trauma unit was later built and local medical personnel trained in cardiology, radiology and trauma management. Also in July 2009 a team of plastic surgeons from Turkey travelled to Hebron to perform cleft lip palate repairs.

The 2014 conflict in Gaza led to widespread disruption in medical care across the strip, some medical centres being destroyed and widespread problems in procuring medical supplies. Doctors Worldwide worked with the Hayfa Medical Centre to distribute much needed baby milk, hygiene kits, medicines and other supplies and post conflict a 6 month programme was run looking after the care of 44 elderly patients with long term disabilities like diabetes and hypertension to prevent any deterioration in their conditions.