Doctors Worldwide

A country still rocking from the Kashmir earthquake was then faced with destruction that fortunately killed less people but destroyed a greater swathe of the country. The July 2010 floods left 1/5th of the country’s land mass under water, 800,000 homes washed away and 20 Million people directly affected mostly by displacement or destruction of property and livelihood.

Within 48 hours Doctors Worldwide had dispatched a UK Public Health specialist to undertake a rapid needs assessment with teams of doctors from UK and Turkey on alert. What followed was a wide ranging series of projects aimed at responding to both acute needs but also longer term development.

A number of medical camps were run across the Nowshera district treating over 1000 patients, with additional camps in late November in six refugee camps in Sindh treating a further 1000 patients and providing clothing and blankets.   

In Pir Sabak a village which had been under 20 feet of water, a badly damaged basic health unit was cleaned and rapidly repaired and kitted out. Opened a week after the floods and staffed by UK volunteer doctors and local medical personnel, over the next 6 months 30,000 patients were treated.

Similarly, in Gandheri a basic health unit was also run by Doctors Worldwide for 6 months providing vital treatment for 26,000 patients.

For 5 weeks in the immediate aftermath of the floods a cooked food programme supplied hot daily meals for 500 people a day, with a dry food programme distributing (flour, rice, cooking oil, powdered milk, sugar, pules, salt, water and match sticks) to 1400 poorer and vulnerable families identified by our local teams

Water sources across the region were either destroyed or badly contaminated, so provision of clean water also became a top priority, we installed 100 water wells across the district of Nowshera and Sindh. Also providing daily water tanks and new latrines for refugee camps in Sindh.

With so much shelter destroyed by the floods a “Build Nowshera” project providing cement and roof materials to 600 families who were able to reconstruct or build new homes.