Doctors Worldwide

Primary Healthcare- DWW Tembo, Muhuru Bay


August 2007 saw the beginning of a decade of work in Kenya by Doctors Worldwide, this would lead to over 120,000 patient consultations and over a quarter of a million meals provided for the poor. Our first project was based in Rabai a rural village a number of miles out of Mombasa. The Khadija centre was a local school run for poor local children, within the grounds DWW took a small area in an existing building and started to run a basic health centre for the children and surrounding villages. Over the next 10 years new staff were recruited, standards improved, a steadier supply of medication for a small pharmacy was introduced and medical volunteers from the UK, Turkey, Canada and the US came to work and also help train staff. As the clinic become more popular and quality of care improved a new dedicated clinic was built facing the main road to give even greater access.

After refurbishment our largest Primary Care Health Centre in Kenya was opened in September 2014. DWW Tembo was located in Muhuru Bay, overlooking Lake Victoria in the Western Part of Kenya. It provided much needed health and medical services to a poor and rural population of around 30,000 – many of whom lived on less than $1 a day.

A great deal of thanks goes to Anna Kolodziej, our project manager and local staff who worked to transform the site into a 13 room health centre on a 550 square metre site. Offering a wide range of primary care medical services including maternal and child health, medical screening of schoolchildren, vaccination programmes, family planning, HIV screening and treatment, malaria net distribution and much more. The Tembo clinic was also selected as a site through which we helped train 50 Community health workers, of these we selected the twelve best, each of whom is now based in an individual village, from which they work.


Such was the progression of services that the Ministry of Health, rated the Maternal and post-natal services number one in the region for 2017, due to both quality of care and the lowest morbidity/mortality.

The third clinic was opened September 2015 in Kakayuni, some 15km from Malindi. Built with the help of local business men, the clinic soon followed in the footsteps of Tembo, with a wide range of primary care facilities, on site pharmacy, maternal and child health services. Registered with the Ministry of Health and with a new lab maternal health services were extended in June 2016 with the first deliveries on site due to local government services being closed