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£10 Supports the medical care of 20 patients

£50 treats 100 patients with essential medicines

£100 delivers 20 babies safely

Your generous donations to the Life Saving Fund fund encompasses all of our current Doctors Worldwide projects in providing quality healthcare to the most disadvantaged communities across the countries that we operate in today.

Why the Life Saving Fund?

When providing healthcare for the most vulnerable people in the poorest parts of the world, there is often a variety of healthcare needs that require a funding source without any restrictions or delays. 

These costs are not limited to, but can include:

  • The cost of transport for an impoverished pregnant mother facing labour complications who cannot afford to go to hospital.
  • Provision of immediate life-saving medication such as malaria tablets at low stock in rural clinics. 
  • Emergency food for an under-nourished child affecting their recovery.
  • Birthing packs that encourage poor mothers to have safe births in clinics instead of at home in unsafe conditions.
  • Equipping a clinic with flowing water and electricity or replacing solar panels and water pumps.
  • Supporting nurses or medical officers working in refugee camps and other low-resource settings to develop their medical skill set.

The Life Saving Fund ensures these costs and many more are met when the need arises without delay or extensive fundraising call outs. Your support and donation ensures that no patient is turned away, and continues to add value and impact to all of our healthcare projects.

Children & families received nutritional support
Mothers & babies received care
People received access to safe & sanitary clinics
Medical healthcare workers received training

Aisha's Story

For Aisha, walking 4 hours in labour to reach the nearest clinic is a harsh reality for many mothers in Malawi who do not have access to quality healthcare. On top of this, it costs at least £5 for Aisha to deliver her baby in a clinic - a fee she cannot afford. For many impoverished mothers, it is the difference between begging, or going without food. Your support helps mothers like Aisha in difficult circumstances access healthcare without barriers.

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