Doctors Worldwide


The Life Saving Fund

A life saving fund to help the poorest patients afford vital medical care and relief, nutritious meals, and take them out of medical debt

Covid-19 Response

We are providing technical guidance, resources, and training on COVID-19 for low-resourced settings.

The DICE Programme

Doctors Worldwide Improving Care in Health Emergencies (DICE) is the introduction and delivery of emergency care in Bangladesh

Medical Debt Relief

Wealth should never influence a person’s choice to seek medical help. This project addresses medical poverty of the most vulnerable patients detained in hospitals.

Palliative Care

We are collaborating with a community-based palliative care organisation to help access and scale up the delivery of palliative care for the poorest families.

Health System Strengthening

Implementing a system of primary healthcare in Mangochi, Malawi and training staff to increase quality and strength of care and services.

Postgraduate Fellowship

The PGF Programme aims at improving and strengthening the quality of care provided to Rohingya refugees at the health facilities.