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Rohingya Refugee Crisis – May Update

“One of the biggest humanitarian crisis in recent times – catastrophic”

In August 2017, over 600,000 traumatised and desperate Rohingya people fled their homeland in Myanmar to nearby Bangladesh after widespread violence, murder and rape. “The Rohingya are under siege as a group – simply for who they are.  Many refugees are victims of horrific trauma – psychological and physical – cast out of their homes and country in a clear example of ethnic cleansing.” [UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres]

Today, the world and Bangladesh are witnessing the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis which brings with it a massive health need that the government of Bangladesh alone cannot meet. With the monsoon season approaching, the risk of outbreak of life threatening water borne diseases is massive, particularly because the Rohingya people are settled in an area that is at risk to cyclone and will be flooded as soon as the rains begin. In addition, the make-shift camps and open sewage systems around water sources brings its own challenges which will be worsened by the flooding.

How is Doctors Worldwide UK responding with your donations?

Strengthening Clinics: Doctors Worldwide UK is currently working with local charities and partners to help strengthen the infrastructure of the many make-shift and pop up health clinics against the floods and cyclone. With the looming crisis of disease and cyclone-related injuries, the health clinics are vital in being able to respond and help the Rohingya people whose suffering continues to remain deep, disturbing and relentless.

Live Saving Skills Training for Refugees: Doctors Worldwide UK is providing life-saving first aid skills training to local Rohingya refugees and Rohingya community leaders in anticipation of the cyclone and floods. It is vital to up-skill the first responders to any crisis, who are usually the local people that are being affected. Our work ensures that those who are on the front line can help when local health care facilities are too far and few in between. Click here to read the news story and see photos of our recent emergency training for Rohingya Majis [leaders].

Training in Migrant and Refugee Health : We believe in empowering and enabling the local doctors and people to stand on their own feet and as such we are developing a 14-week training course to train doctors who have never faced or conducted medicine in a humanitarian crisis or setting before. We aim to improve and strengthen the quality of care for the Rohingya refugee and ensure standards are being met. At Doctors Worldwide UK we believe in training and developing the local capacity for a long term sustainable change instead of being reliant on aid, which is short term and difficult to maintain. Click here to read the news story and see photos of our recent pilot training

How you can help?

Volunteer for our deployment out to Bangladesh. Over 3 months starting from 13th July 2018, we will be sending out 4 teams of doctors for 10 days each to train Bangladeshi health care workers as part of our Postgraduate Fellowship in Migrant and Refugee Health training course. Doctors will also be deployed into the Rohingya refugee camps to support health clinics and improve the quality of care that patients receive by working alongside Bangladeshi doctors. Fill in the volunteer form here

Donate Today. Donating is the easiest way you can help Doctors Worldwide UK to carry out its work on your behalf. Donate today to help us continue our work with the Rohingya people and many others across the world who do not have access to health care.

“Let us ensure the Rohingya community receives assistance, solutions — including their human right to nationality — and justice.” [UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres]

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