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Rohingya Refugee Crisis – Our Response

Doctors Worldwide has been involved in responding to the current Rohingya Refugee Crisis from its outset in Aug 2017, having been in contact with partners on the ground in both Rakhine State, Myanmar, as well as in Bangladesh. In addition to having regular contact with a range of other organisations here in the UK, our approach has been to collaborate and coordinate our efforts in order to best add value to medical projects that are serving the refugee community in what is a complex crisis made worse by politics and lack of funding.

Having conducted field visits in November and early December, we observed that one of the critical needs in delivering aid was in having appropriately skilled and trained healthcare workers. Many of the medical clinics are struggling to deliver the care needed as their staff have not worked in such a challenging environment before, and don’t have the specific training and skills needed to work in a humanitarian refugee setting.

Our project aims to address this vital gap. We are developing a training course for local Bangladeshi doctors which will be taught by expatriate volunteers, and will better equip and enable local health clinics to meet the needs of their communities.

We need your help to do this. We need funding to support the development of this project, and we need your skills and time to help develop training materials in addition to teach in Bangladesh as a volunteer. Needless to say, as we are familiar with our own training experiences, we need to be able to provide ongoing supervision and mentorship, and to this end, we will need volunteers willing to provide ongoing case-based learning support using an online platforms. Although plans are still being developed, we estimate that running and managing this project to train 60 doctors over 6 months will cost in the region of £100,000, and will impact an estimated population of 60,000 – 100,000, not including directly supporting the local doctors themselves with professional development opportunities.

For volunteers deploying out Bangladesh, we can secure packs of Essential Medications, which can be packed into luggage along with an inventory list. £300 will help to procure 500 treatments, and weigh approx 9-10kg.

At Doctors Worldwide we are driven by our values of integrity, collaboration and excellence. This is who we are, and this project reflects this approach in what we do.

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