Sacrifice a single hot drink this winter & save a life


Winter is the season of warmth. Whether that be physically or emotionally, we find joy in family gatherings, good food and crackling fires. We bundle ourselves up in furry layers and buy warm drinks to protect ourselves against the cold. Yet for many individuals around the world, winter is a battle for survival and strength. For the most vulnerable, fighting illnesses, poverty, displacement and fleeing from conflict, the cold and bleak season offers no comfort and warmth. It only brings fear, greater health risks, and desperation.

Share your warmth this winter

Especially this year, with the escalation of COVID-19 cases, we are all fighting our own battles. It is easy to get caught up in the routine of life and detach ourselves from the plight of those less fortunate around the world. However, every penny given for a good cause can be life-changing for the most vulnerable.

1 hot meal for a patient
2 babies safely delivered
40 people provided quality healthcare
20 hot meals for a patient
12 babies safely delivered
200 people provided quality healthcare

Hospital Meals

The human body requires adequate and proper nutrition to fully recover when in hospital. However, those living in poverty cannot afford this vital sustenance. Your donations go towards hot and healing meals to enable their quick and full recovery. £2/meal per patient or £15 for 1 week.

Safe Baby Delivery

In rural Malawi, the £5 cost to safely deliver a child in a clinic is sadly an unaffordable reality for many impoverished mothers. Your donation covers their clinic fee, as well as providing them with the birthing kit they need to have a safe birth.

Medical Care Support

Your donation goes towards covering a variety of healthcare needs such as emergency nutrition for children and life-saving medication such as malaria tablets at low stock in rural clinics in places such as Malawi. Every £10 supports the care of 20 people.